PDP: Why Southwest May Not Produce Nigeria Senate President in 2023

In fact, if anyone dares to forecast this, he may be regarded as a joker and someone who may not be worth being listened to, when it comes to Political analysis.     Read more

Two Factors that Contribute More to Inflation in the Country than Government Policy

Arguable though, the threat to the global ecosystem through global warming is a lump sum, directly or indirectly, effect of the consumption of oil by citizens across the world. There are more and more technological machines and plants that are released and being run on oil     Read more

Two Reasons That Show South-South is Unhappy with Okowa's Running Mate Choice

Remarkably, it could be recalled that PDP is the ruling party in Delta State, Edo State, Rivers State, Bayelsa State and Akwa Ibom State     Read more

The Campaign of Calumny against Tinubu

It is more ridiculous and when subject to critical reasoning, it berates intellect. It has never been shown anywhere in the world that anyone could escape primary and secondary education only to gain admission to a foreign university.     Read more

Why Obasanjo is regretting after 23years of picking Atiku

Atiku is an explicit power monger whose desperation can be likened to that of Obasanjo.     Read more

Transfer Round-up.

We take a look at four big names of players that are likely to finalize their move in the coming weeks.     Read more

Akeredolu Issues Executive Order On Compulsory Installation, Use Of CCTV Devices

Pursuant to Section 176 (2) of the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria which vests in the Governor of Ondo State the Chief Executive powers of the state, the Governor, Arakunrin Oluwarotimi Akeredolu, SAN, hereby issues the following Executive Orders     Read more

Sen Adeleke Routinely Rewards Loyalty with Betrayal - Osun Denied PDP Rep Aspirant

This decision is to ensure that our political contributions are made on a platform that will reward our efforts appropriately     Read more

Documentary of How Sugar Drink Addiction is Chopping off Mexican Teeth

I spent a fair amount of time living in Belize on the Yucatan and riding around on a moped on hot dusty roads. I drank close to a gallon of water a day     Read more

How Wike becomes the new political bride in Nigeria

Since then, rancor and animosity are thriving in PDP. Wike is silently nursing the wound of his uppercut. While PDP is unable to spurt on either.     Read more

Ekweremadu: Ukpo is Lying About Being 15 years Old

He was also not smuggled into London, as Ekweremadu's December 28, 2021 visa application support letter to the British High Commission shows     Read more

The Need to End the Almajiranci System of Education

. The parents that neglect their children in a cruel world have failed. The succeeding government and the antediluvian elites.     Read more

Citizens raise eyebrows as Peter Obi stands by Ekweremadu despite Humongous Criminal Case

You know what, I support you, but I'm beginning to get irritated by this behaviour     Read more

Is Obi building The Right Structure

Is Obi building the right structure? Bare glancing at Obi's later day following, they are majorly disciples of anti-Nigeria crusaders.     Read more

Organ Harvesting: How the Fate of Ekweremadu and Wife May Be Decided in UK

This is because, United Kingdom would not accept concept of a child or those of his parent or guardian on his behalf, if the child is not 18 year old or above.     Read more

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