Whether Labour Party or NNPP, Reasons Peter Obi May Not Fly in 2023

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Peter Obi
The political intrigues ahead of the 2023 general elections in the Federal Republic of Nigeria is getting more interesting as some politicians begin to realign their political association.

Latest of the most recent defection of politicians who are vying for the seat of Number one citizen of the country is the resignation of the former Executive Governor of Anambra State, Peter Obi, from the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), lesser that 72 hours to the date of the Presidential primary of the party, in which he is one of the aspirants.

After tendering his resignation letter from PDP, Peter Obi was sighted at a meeting with the former Executive Governor of Kano State who is also a National Leader of the newly formed New Nigeria Peoples Party (NNPP), Engr Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso. This arose he feeling within the concerned citizens of the Federal Republic of Nigeria that Obi may likely be defecting to the NNPP, either to vie as the presidential candidate of the party or running mate to Kwankwaso.

Later in the evening, there was another flying rumour. Peter Obi was said to be defecting to Labour Party to pick the Presidential ticket of the party, automatically and unopposed.

First, I saw the rumour as half-possible political presumption. Reason being that the Engr Kwankwaso I know may not want to throw his newly formed political party under, in the course of picking the vice presidential ticket of Labour Party. Besides, I was still of the thought that "between Kwankwaso and Obi, who even has more political stamina to pick the presidential ticket?

However, my political forecast were standardized, a bit, when another information escaped to the public domain that mushroom political parties which include NNPP, Social Democratic Party (SDP), Labour Party and some other fingerling political parties. And it was being speculated that Peter Obi would be the presidential candidate of the coalition while Kwankwaso would serve as his running mate. This is another assumption that i may hardly agree with, until it is made happened.

The fact remains that Peter Obi is just being over-hyped. He is actually not yet ripen enough to be elected as the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. His political tactics is, democratically, poor dummy, redundant and incoherent to the level that could either be endorsed by the establishment of either those that own Nigeria or the majority of the electorates.

Aside the fact that he has proven to be a political gold-digger by incessantly cross-carpeting from one political party to another, without working to build one, he has widely surrounded himself with political dummies; those who would only make themselves ready to eulogize him with no critical assessment of his political footsteps, possibly for a possible re-approach.

Verily, all eyes would be opened, and majority of the Easterners who are mainly queuing behind Peter Obi's "hunting for pastoral land to become President" would be let loose against their C-in-C, Peter Obi.

Defecting from All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA) to PDP, in search of opportunity to be at the Federal level of government was the first political error made by Peter Obi.

Unfortunately, his followers who show him nothing than "Peter Obi is the Best" had forgotten to inform him that he was actually "No Body" in PDP; Not even in the Southeast PDP.

Peter Obi, through his time in PDP, I see him as an ordinary member of the party.

Luckily, I hold to this believe, if they mentioned Peter Obi as a National leader of PDP, it was due to the virtue of being a running mate to Atiku Abubakar in 2019; nothing more, nothing less.

Here, we may come to assess the fact that besides the fact that Peter Obi is not strongly rooted, politically anywhere in Nigeria, his social media sympathizers are, as well, not doing him any favor. Hence, his porting to either Labour Party or NNPP may yield no result, if he should contest with APC or PDP presidential candidates, come 2023.

Should Peter Obi contest under the platform of NNPP or Labour Party, he would only get a fraction of votes from his sympathizers, but will surely pose no threat at the APC or PDP. Reason being that, aside from this "emergency association" with Kwankwaso, what and what had Peter Obi did in the past to connect himself with people from other parts of the country?

Is it the man that has not identified himself with others in their times of need that would now be moving around to solicit for their polls?

What political influence does Peter Obi has in Southeast politics that warrants Peter Obi to be assuring himself of national proficiency, in as much as 2023 general election is concerned?

Who and who has Peter Obi helped politically, among the sitting States Governors across the 36 states of the Federation that would even come to his aid during electioneering period?

Who are the political godfathers that would fill the spaces that Peter Obi has failed to performed excellently?

Hold on a bit, I see the chances of Peter Obi threatening APC better with PDP than contesting the presidential seat of Nigeria any other political party. This could be linked to facts relating to existing structure, ready to spend moneybags, great number of incumbent Governors, Senators, Rep Members, other political offices and structure across the Nation.

Take this or leave it, for Peter Obi to earn votes that can pose a bit of threat at APC, he would need to spend as much as square of the amount he would have spent if he emerges as the PDP presidential candidate. However, his social sympathizers have said "he is a saint", who has not more than a clothe, a watch, a pair of shoe with his children taking cab on the streets of Lagos, even as a former governor of Anambra State.

Let Peter Obi go back to Anambra State and contest for House of Representatives under any political party apart from APGA, everyone of his supporters would surely be sobered to know that he is being over-hyped.

Peter Obi may need to have a political bus stop, stop cross-carpeting; develop a political template that would better prepare him for the politics of Nigeria, ahead of 2039. By then, even if he can not contest, he would better understand Nigerian politics and integrate any of his followers.

Above all, with his cross-carpeting, he would defeat the dishonesty of PDP with his geopolitical zone, Southeast by enjoying sympathy votes from his sympathizers.

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Written by Omooba Alekuwodo
Published 5/26/2022 9:26:06 AM

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